• Authorised Dealer For Denso Robots In India

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Our Business Domains

Industrial Robots | Machineries

Our Engineers are trained in Densowave, Japan in Denso Robots. We provide Sales and Service of Denso Robots and Machineries in General and Pharmaceutical Industries.

System Integration |Turkey solution

At AAtek we offer Integration of Automation System in versatile Industrial Domains with preferably DENSO Robots

Partnering with Specialists in the field we Implement Turnkey Solutions in the Pharmaceutical Industries by performing Feasibility Study, Engineering Design and Implementation of Pharmaceutical Production facilities Worldwide.

At AAtek we are experienced in building applications like Palletizing, assembly, Pick and place, 3D vision system and machine tending.

Software Development |Industry 4.0

We develop Softwares of the Future focusing Industrial IOT complying with Industry 4.0 Standards having expertised with Data Analytics, Machine Learning and Deep Learning.

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